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April 23, 2012
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----Personal Information----

Name: Sauria Tsalagi

Age: Died at 23, Appears 27

Birthday: 24th April

Sex: Female

Species: Shinigami

Race: Cherokee

Nationality: Native American

Sexual Preference: Bi

Relationship: Layla Vital

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Rank: Lieutenant of 6th Division

Former rank:


Height: 5’10” / 177.8 cm

Weight: 167 lbs / 75.8 kg

Eyes: Amber eyes, almond shaped

Hair: Medium brown, long and layered, with most of it styled back save for bangs on the right side of her face

Build/body: Has an hourglass body shape, modest bust size, with defined muscles on her arms and legs. Tanned skin.

Distinguishing features:

-- N/A

-- A star shaped burn scar on her chest

-- Both her ears are pierced, and she wears feather earrings


- She wears a more fitted regular uniform top that reaches just above her hips without the undershirt. The sleeves stop at her elbows, and it’s kept on by a navy blue sash around her middle. Her pants are a tighter version of regular shinigami pants, and instead of the regular footwear she wears tan cowboy boots. She wears a pair of white open ended gloves that reach her elbow with navy blue trim and a gold tassel at the end. The only other accessory she wears are her earrings. Her zanpakuto are kept on either side of the sash, and her lieutenant badge is worn under her left breast on her sash.

- In her gigai, she tends to wear flattering clothes that show off her physique, and wears everything from plain neutrals to bold prints.


--(Start with a general overview. Keep in mind your personality should be realistic, and not contradict itself or the character's age/upbringing. If your OC is 14, they are not going to be wise or experienced. If your OC is described as 'usually sweet and gentle but will flip out and hurt people because blah, rethink it. Also, do not give your OC a mental disorder unless you've done a lot of research. Bipolar disorder is not just 'she's happy sometimes an murderous at the flip of a hat!'. NO. DO your research.)

-- (Then how they interact with others. If they're in a leadership position, explain what makes them a good leader. Also include negative traits! You should have just as many bad or neutral points as good.)

-- (Anything else not mentioned- how they act in relationships, friendly, subordinate/supervisor, and romantic, ect. Negative and positive)

--(Combat personality- how do they act in a conflict?)

--(Other points, things of interest, ect.)

-- (Again, other points, but this time for the downside of their personality. These bullets don't have to be in this order)

Major quirks/habits

- (What makes your character unique? These are things that make them more 'real')

- (Try to have at least five, but you should be able to make a pretty long list)

-(These should be in tune with their personality.)

-(Ideas: How do they act when nervous? Any vices? Are they flirty? Or do the blush all the time? Do they have mild OCD about anything? Ect, ect)

- (Separate by bullets)

Speech mannerisms

- (Do they have an accent? Deep voice or high pitched voice? Does their voice crack? Ect..)

-(Do they have any favorite sayings?)

-(Do they swear a lot? Or not at all? Anything they avoid saying? Do they mumble or over accentuate?)

-(Anything else of interest? This section is to help you during writing or RPs)


Hakuda Master:

(Any strengths worth mentioning, with a description about it. This section and weaknesses should address the core abilities in Bleach: zanjutsu, hoho, kido, hakuda, and spiritual pressure.)

(Also address anything else: are they freakishly flexible? Agile? Physically strong- past average strength for their species? What about endurance? Are they a species with a unique set of abilities aside from their Zanpakuto? Put that here (like what happens when they don their vizard mask, their cero or bala or whatever)

(Separate each point with a bolded header and an un-bolded paragraph, for instance Hakuda master: and then a description of what makes them so special at this ability)

(DO NOT COMPARE YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES TO OTHER CHARACTERS. 'as fast as Byakuya' or 'as smart as Toshiro'. That is lazy as fuck. It goes for comparing to other people's OCs as well!)

(If they have any named techniques, like in zanjutsu or hakuda, put those in bullets under the description paragraph)

(If your character is a vizard, add that as a strength, then put a short description of their inner hollow as a bullet underneath. Include the hollow's name and basic personality)


(Same format as abilities. Make sure you have weaknesses, and make sure they are actual battle weaknesses. Saying  'explosive anger: has anger problems that make them even stronger and makes them attack everyone' is not a battle weakness, because it makes them stronger. It's a personality flaw.)




(Whatever stat system you like to use, or you can just scrap this part. (I suggest using it though) The system I like to use is linked below, but a lot of people like to use the format the Bleach wiki uses)


Name: Galv'lati Awohali (Heaven’s Eagle)

    1) Galv'lati Awohali (Heaven’s Eagle)

        a) Nebula. In shikai, the two blades turn into a double bladed staff. Abilities mainly reside in generating heat from both ends, and shooting concentrated orbs of intense heat at an enemy. The bigger the orbs, the less hot they are, but they’re harder to avoid. The smaller ones are easier to avoid, but cause more damage due to their intense heat.



---Appearance: (Physical description of the Zanpakuto spirit. Obviously delete this section if your character is an arrancar or doesn't have a Zanpakuto)

---Personality: (The spirit's personality)



---Command: Command in zanpakuto's normal language (translation).

---Appearance: (How do they release the blade and what does it look like? What does the actual shikai look like?)


-ability name (translation): (then describe the attack. Do separate points for each named ability)

Bankai: N/A

Reiatsu color: Deep blue

Inner world: (What does their inner world look like?)


(Split into headed paragraphs. For instance- Human life: blah blah blah.

Rukon: blah blah blah)

(The headers should split significant turning points in your character's life. If you're leaving things out because you don't want to spoil your story, make a note of it)


(Quotes, just for fun. Don't put more than five or six)

Random trivia

-(theme song? Blood type? voice actor? Anything else you think is interesting put here, separated by bullets)   
Here's showing that I'm actually working on this thing :"D

Sauria, Text,  (c) :icondragonofthesand:

Bleach (c) :iconkubotrollfaceplz:
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This is very well done and thought out. I'm very impressed. Her name, style of sword, her style and story are original and unique. The name of her sword blew me away. Her origins are also impressive.

I laughed a little when I saw how fast she can read. She's very much unlike any OC I've seen in a long, long time. Her abilities make sense to me and I like that when she stays in a city for so long she can (appear to) age to her forties ovo I really like that! Most time, the character is Ichigo's age and they never seem to age.

All in all, I give this character an A because there is always room for improvement! Can't wait to see how she turns out!
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This Proflio Sheet is VERY informative~
A person wouldn't know of Sauria's relativists if not for this (unless they're rp affiliated)

I'm loving how Sauria stays in the world of Bleach but brings in new ideas too. I personally love these kinks to an OC, keeps things interesting.

You've really taken the time to think things through and really make connections. Most people lack in this area and end up becoming "Mary Sue". I truly believe Sauria is just the right mix, not too boring but not too insane either~

I want to see Sauria's current history. like what she's doing in the now.
This -pretty much- wiki page informs a person about what Sauria is and her history, a continuation will give fans something to look forward to~
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.

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I love the picture and the completed outfit looks amazing, as well as the weapon! (I may comment again when I get more time to read the whole profile.) *dies*
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;u; Thanks a lot~!

Lol, busy little bee aren'tcha? xDD
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Hot damn it does sound crazy busy on your side x"D Hope those cats stop hating each other soon lol
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